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We offer a full range of photography and photography-related services; and, while based in Long Island, New York, we undertake assignments both nationally and internationally. We offer our clients the capability of both digital image capture, or film capture in all formats up to 4” x 5”. We discuss this more fully in the “Film Digital” section of the site.

We have attempted to neatly categorize the various types of photography which we undertake as seen in the navigation bar. However, it is rare that any assignment results in one type of approach. For instance, when photographing a specific product, a “straight” image used in a website or catalog may not be appropriate for print or display advertising use, where a conceptual approach may be required to provide more graphic impact to the viewer. Furthermore, documentary images of the product in use may also be needed.

Similarly the format in which the images are captured may also require variety. At a wedding, for example, the formal or “Album” shots are best captured in medium format film, in both color and black & white for that classic album look. Documentary images, such as all those less formal moments which contribute to a wedding celebration are, on the other hand best captured in a combination of digital format and 35mm black & white film.

For architectural photography a variety of formats is also the norm. Buildings are best captured in large format film to control the perspective and avoid such problems as converging verticals. Interiors may be best captured in medium format film; while documentary images of the facility in use are usually captured directly in digital format. Indeed, it is rare that any assignment uses a single approach - or a single format. We are happy to discuss your specific requirements prior to an assignment. In general though, our recommendations reflect the ultimate intended use of the images.

We have included also a section on Post-Production. These services are available to our clients, though are not required. They range from simple retouching through the addition of framing and details for such subjects as artwork, to a full-blown print media design for posters or brochures - including copy writing if needed.