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We provide photographic and often post-production services to the artist community in order for artists to develop and market their portfolios.

We most often undertake these assignments in the artists' own studios and, in order to minimize costs, artists are encouraged to collaborate with others and pool their pieces for photographing in a single session and at a single location. In this way, up to 50 pieces of flat artwork can be photographed in a single day.

Within two weeks a web gallery is posted of the corrected images and individual artists will contact us directly indicating which pieces are theirs and denoting post-production services, (if any) they require. CDs will then be mailed or delivered within a week.

Post production services are also offered at an additional cost. These include the addition of borders or frames; the addition of captions and titling; the production of a simple Web Gallery; the generation of calibrated files for limited print series production and promotional postcards and the digital "re-assembly" of multiple pieces such as diptychs and triptychs.

We offer similar services for those artists who create three dimensional art. However, due to the need to individually adjust the lighting for such pieces to clearly show the form and texture, it is not possible as many pieces in a single session.
Our Art Photography Portfolio offers a representative sample, together with a short video presentation which can be accessed by clicking here.