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Commercial Photography
With few exceptions, our commercial photography is priced by day rate, half-day rate and hourly rate as follows:
Full Day:       $1,000.00
Half Day:      $   600.00
Hourly:        $   200.00

Certain additional fees may also apply:

Post-Production Services:   
$150.00 per hour (includes editing, image corrections and image manipulations)

Film and Processing Fees:

4'x5'                      $20.00 per image    (includes proof prints)
6cm x 7cm             $50.00 per film       (10 exposures, includes proof prints)
6cm x 6cm             $50.00 per film       (12 exposures, includes proof prints)
35mm                    $50.00 per film       (36 exposures, includes proof prints)

High Resolution Negative Scans

4'x5'                      $25.00 per  image
6cm x 7cm             $10.00 per  image
6cm x 6cm             $10.00 per  image
35mm                    $  5.00 per  image

Note: Low resolution scans are provided with film processing without additional cost.

Portrait Sittings

Sitting Fee:            $200.00       (Post-Production and film and processing charges                                                     may also apply)

For all portrait sittings images are posted to a web gallery on our site for client selection. Where film is utilized, proof prints are also provided to the client.

Print Prices

Color and Black & White Machine Prints

Up to 4"x6"             $  3.00
5"x7"                      $  6.00
8"x10"                    $ 20.00
11"x14"                   $ 40.00

Custom Color and Black & White

Up to 4"x6"             $  5.00
5"x7"                      $  8.00
8"x10"                    $ 30.00
11"x14"                   $ 55.00
16"x20"                   $150.00
20"x30"                   $225.00
30"x40"                   $300.00

Custom, Archivally Processed Black & White*

5"x7"                      $ 15.00
8"x10"                    $ 40.00
11"x14"                   $ 65.00
16"x20"                   $150.00

*Individually processed on fiber-based photographic paper. Archivally washed and selenium toned for permanence.

Pricing for other sizes (e.g.poster size,) available on request.

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