Without reviving the often heated dispute over film-based versus digital photography I feel that I should explain my personal preferences.

Digital photography offers unparalleled versatility and, as such is the ideal medium for documentary photography, images intended for the web and for print sizes to, say, 8"x10". A digital image enables manipulations which are all but impossible with film-based photographs and furthermore, the inherently short contrast range of digital provides images with strong impact. There are circumstances though where I prefer to use film on assignment.

In architecture, a large format camera offers the ability to correct perspectives and deliver an accurate photograph of the building. We've all seen those tall buildings which appear to be falling backwards - a perspective which, while offering a certain impact, has no place in an architect's portfolio. Of course, the opposite is also true where we may wish to use such tools to exaggerate perspective for the specific purpose of viewer impact.

When the intended use of an image is the production of high-end prints, I also find that film-based images offer a level of detail and a smoothness of tone which is difficult to achieve digitally. For example, when photographing a wedding, I often use medium format film for those formal shots intended for the wedding album. For overall documentation of the celebration and candid shots of the guests I use digital. Similarly, I will often use medium format film for shots intended for large format prints such as point-of-sale posters. Although the negative may be digitized for production purposes, it contains significantly more image information and, when scanned, results in a file which exceeds 300 Mb.

Finally for black and white photography, (the medium which I use almost exclusively for my personal work,) I remain committed to film and even maintain an "old fashioned" darkroom. Unless the images are intended solely for the web, I recommend the use of film for black and white photography.

Ultimately, the most appropriate medium for the final, intended use is the key. The pros and cons are, of course, fully discussed with our clients prior to an assignment.

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