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The term portrait covers a host of situations, from an executive portrait to a family portrait to a head shot.  They may be formal, such as an executive portrait or a family wedding portrait, and they may be informal, such as the candid shot taken at a wedding celebration or of children at play. Portraits may be taken in the studio or on location where portraits may be more documentary in nature, such as people at work on a project.  Whatever the type of portrait it is important to establish the intended use of the portrait and what the client wishes to portray with it.

In many respects an effective portrait is one which captures an emotion - rather than the subject. For example, a CEO may wish to status for the annual report, whereas a sales executive will likely wish to convey both confidence and approachability. It is important, then, that we thoroughly explore not only the ultimate use of the portrait, (advertising, point of sale display, personal memory, studio or location) but also determine exactly what the client wishes to portray in the final image. It is these aspects that we explore prior to the scheduled shoot. It is worth noting that an effective portrait is not only the result of the photographer's skills but is also the result of strong communication between photographer and subject. 

We will, of course, help you decide the best format and setting for your important photo session.

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